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Core Concepts

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User Roles

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User Needs

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Represent different types of credentials

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E.1 Digital transcript (for example)
TODO: e.g. Joleen is the registrar of Mega University and, by virtue of her office, is responsible for the integrity, accuracy, and security of academic records. Joleen has been a pioneering registrar in advocating an "extended transcript" that includes not only the standard set of course grades but also adds supplementary information on learner competencies. These might include work experiences and non-educational but marketable skills. Upon the request of her students, Joleen issues a digital credential that includes an extended transcript.
E.2 Grade Point Average
A high school wishes to document all the grades which a student has achieved over their high-school lifetime, but also present the summative grade (a GPA) that is based on these grades
E.3 Certificate of Attendance
Tanya has completed a MOOC in Introductory Economics from the University of Gottingen. She has chosen not to take a 'verified/certified track'. The university issues her a credential indicating merely that she attended the course, and the dates of attendance.
E.4 Certificate of Enrolment
Fawaz wishes to present proof of their enrolment at the University of Wisconsin, so as to access a student discount to enter a museum.

Link credentials to verified issuers

Since certain credentials may only be issued by accredited institutions, we wish to be able to verify an institution's licence/accreditation to issue.

E.1 University Degree
The Quality Assurance Agency in Malta has accredited the University of Gozo as an official university. This entitles it to issue credentials which are of type 'degree'. The university wishes to display its accreditation to do so in credentials issued to students.
E.2 Corporate Certifications
A technology company authorises schools around the world to issue certifications, which indicate that the graduate is an expert in supporting customers using their products. The certificates issued by students must indicate that these certificates were issued with the permission of the parent company, even though the certificates are issued by individual schools.

Focal Use Cases

Focal Use Cases are meant to provide examples where a blend of features from verifiable credentials standard may be used together to solve complex or challenging marketplace needs.

Focal Use Case 1


Background of focal use case 1





Verifiable Credentials

Credential type...
What it does...

Verifiable Presentation

A verifiable presentation which includes ...along with the assertions that —

Trust Hierarchy

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Threat model

Security Considerations

There are a number of security considerations that implementers should be aware of when processing data described by this specification. Ignoring or not understanding the implications of this section can result in security vulnerabilities.

While this section attempts to highlight a broad set of security considerations, it is not a complete list. Implementers are urged to seek the advice of security and cryptography professionals when implementing mission critical systems using the technology outlined in this specification.

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Accessibility Considerations

There are a number of accessibility considerations implementers should be aware of when processing data described in this specification. As with any web standards or protocols implementation, ignoring accessibility issues makes this information unusable to a large subset of the population. It is important to follow accessibility guidelines and standards, such as [[WCAG21]], to ensure all people, regardless of ability, can make use of this data. This is especially important when establishing systems utilizing cryptography, which have historically created problems for assistive technologies.

This section details the general accessibility considerations to take into account when utilizing this data model.

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Internationalization Considerations

There are a number of internationalization considerations implementers should be aware of when publishing data described in this specification. As with any web standards or protocols implementation, ignoring internationalization makes it difficult for data to be produced and consumed across a disparate set of languages and societies, which would limit the applicability of the specification and significantly diminish its value as a standard.

This section outlines general internationalization considerations to take into account when utilizing this data model.

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